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Program Description

 Residents of Almena, Lenora or Norton transitioning from home ownership to qualifying senior housing, assisted living, or long-term care within Norton County can receive a one-time grant of $5,000 at home closing. 

Program Parameters 

  1. Home must be owner-occupied prior to sale and located within city limits of Almena, Lenora or Norton. 

  2. Owner complete and submit application to NC/CED prior to closing on home sale. Application must also include evidence of contract for permanent residence in one of below-mentioned living centers after closing. 

  3. NC/CED Housing Rehab Committee approves or rejects the application. 

  4. $5000 grant paid to owner at time of closing if all requirements are met. 

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Living Center Examples 

Norton Housing Authority, Timbercreek, Whispering Pines Retirement and Assisted Living, Andbe Home, Bieber Cottages, Prairie Meadows Apartments

Application Review Process

The Norton County Housing Rehab Committee will review all applications for this program and make recommendations to NC/CED.


This Committee will also review status of ongoing rehab projects and advise the owners, contractors, NC Housing Rehab Committee and/or NC/CED Board accordingly. 

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