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Program Description

Buy a home within Almena, Lenora or Norton, and we’ll help with the down payment and closing costs through a one-time $2000 closing cost grant and a 0% down-payment loan up to $8000. Home must be a primary residence to qualify. 

Program Parameters 

  1. Home located within city limits of Almena, Lenora or Norton within Norton County. 

  2. Two components available to qualified recipients of Home Ownership Program:

    1. ​One time grant, $2000 for closing cost assistance. 

    2. Up to $8,000 loan @ 0% interest, 5-year term for down payment assistance.

  3. Borrower pays all associated closing costs. 

  4. Loan Eligibility:​​

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  1. Owner occupied existing home within city limits of Almena, Lenora or Norton 

  2. Home purchase price over $35,000 

  3. Primary loan with a qualified local bank within Norton County. Qualified banks include: First State Bank, Solutions North Bank, Equity Bank.  

  4. Meet primary bank qualifications for its loan 

  5. No income guidelines, need based upon primary lender recommendation 

  6. Borrower with 625+ credit score from national credit bureau source 

  7. 0% interest, loan term meets primary bank term, not to exceed 20 years. 

  8. Borrower must complete/submit application to NC/CED Housing Rehab Committee. 

5.   Subject to availability of funds, available on first come first serve basis. Primary lender will check with           NC/CED office for availability of funds. 

Program Process 

  1. Primary lender identifies qualified borrower and completes application for borrower’s signature 

  2. Application submitted to NC/CED, reviewed by Norton County Housing Rehab Committee 

  3. Borrower and Primary Lender notified in writing by NC/CED if approved 

  4. Promissory & Mortgage Agreements executed between Borrower and NC/CED

  5. Primary lender will execute a 3rd Party Escrow Agreement for Borrower with NC/CED Down Payment Assistance Loan. 

  6. Primary lender will blend Down Payment Assistance Loan into primary loan mortgage payment plan 

  7. NC/CED prepares $2000 closing cost grant check for closing date.

Application Review Process

The Norton County Housing Rehab Committee will review all applications for this program and make recommendations to NC/CED.


This Committee will also review status of ongoing rehab projects and advise the owners, contractors, NC Housing Rehab Committee and/or NC/CED Board accordingly. 

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